Group of Companies Kontinet

120,000 sq.m.
warehouse space
We own the full production cycle: from design and extrusion of profile systems for the production of structures to installation supervision and technical support
employees in the company
Founded in 1996
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Extrusion of PVC profile systems and panels

20 years of experience in the production of PVC extrusion allowed to work out the best formulations and technologies to create high-quality products. A large share of the Ukrainian PVC panel market is our product. Our clients are large retail chains. High-class equipment allows you to make a profile with good plasticization and impact resistance. Also,together with a mixing shop, allows you to make a product with the best quality characteristics.

1 200 t / month

productive capacity

Production of PVC mixtures

First of all, a high-quality final product depends on many parameters on compliance with the correct recipe at the stage of production of a profile system, artificial PVC fiber for furniture. Mixes are created using the German mixer MTI, thanks to which we obtain unique colors, including anthracite gray, UV resistant, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

2,000 tons / month

productive capacity

Lamination and painting of PVC products

To create an original and unique design, most of the wall panels and PVC profile systems require additional decoration. For decorating products, KONTINENT has 4 lamination lines and 2 flexo printing lines. To give the best color and natural texture to the products, we use only the best German laminating films.

700 t / month

decorated surfaces

Aluminum alloy production

High-tech equipment makes it possible to create high-quality aluminum alloys, which makes it possible to make an alloy 6063 and 6060, which meets the highest requirements according to EN 573-3.

1,000 tons / month

finished alloys

Production of aluminum profile systems

Our company has 2 modern presses with a production capacity of 650 tons per month. Profile systems are produced by extrusion (pressing under pressure) using a high-precision tool (matrix). Matrices are prepared by nitriding. Artificial aging of professional systems in order to ensure their physical and mechanical properties is carried out in aging furnaces.

650 t / month

production capacity

Powder coating

The paint shop carries out painting of aluminum profiles using the polymer coating method with preliminary chemical preparation. The use of powder paint made in Turkey, Italy, Greece allows obtaining a glossy and matte surface structure in a range of colors according to the RAL scale. The coating is resistant to external influences and retains its original appearance for a long time.

300 t / month

painted products

Production of translucent consrtuctions

The production manufactures structures from aluminum and PVC profiles. Due to the use of high-precision equipment manufactured by Lisec (Austria), Elumatec (Germany), STB Fimtec (Italy), Pressta Eisele (Germany), high quality products are manufactured that fully meet the requirements of users. Production area up to 5000 m².

600 constructions per day

Productive capacity

Insulating glass production

The manufactory for the production of double-glazed windows is equipped with automatic lines of the Austrian company “Lisec”. All processes are automated - from glass cutting to the process of secondary sealing and filling the glass bag with inert gases. We use high quality materials from such major European manufacturers as Fenzi, Alu-pro, Profilglass, Grace Davison. Double-glazed windows can be of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The production capacity is 19 thousand double-glazed windows of varying complexity per month.

Production of metal structures

The production of play equipment for playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment and urban amenities is represented by production lines for metal and wood processing. All products are manufactured taking into account the loads. The structures have high-quality joints and bending lines.

1500 projects

Implemented with KONTINENT

Warehouse space and logistics

More than 3000 tons of products are stored in the warehouses, ready for sale and delivery. Having our own fleet of vehicles, implementing modern solutions in logistics processes allows us to fully control the transportation process, significantly reduce risks and maintain the high quality of goods delivered to our partners. The logistics department monthly delivers more than 1000 tons of products across the territory of Ukraine and to European countries.

120,000 m²

own production facilities