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The history of KONTINET We are sure that all of our achievements – it is only the start point of our big way KONTINENT, which we are walking along with you!
Each year of KONTINENT’s history reveals new facets of the possibilities of our specializations.
People, effectiveness, progressiveness –
is in the base of our success.
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120 000

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KONTINENT - a company of unlimited possibilities

The history of the KONTINENT Group of Companies began in 1996 with a small workshop for the production of PVC windows. Today KONTINENT is a huge value chain with hundreds of employees and exports to 14 European countries. The rapid growth is accompanied by a qualitative expansion of the Group of Companies - the production of new product lines is being mastered, innovative technologies are being introduced, and products are being improved. Each year of CONTINENT history reveals new facets of the possibilities of our specializations. We are sure that all our achievements are only start point of the Great KONTINENT way, along which we are walking with you!
Restoring positions lost in 2022 due to military invasion and conquering new ones. Record share - 15% of the Ukrainian market, this is the 2nd place in terms of sales of PVC profiles among Ukrainian producers. Continuing the development of the company in the direction of expanding production, improving the quality indicators and competitiveness of products, as well as working conditions during its creation.
Increase in PVC extrusion production capacity to 1000 tons per shift. Expansion of the range of PVC and aluminum systems.
Start of investment in the construction of our own plant for the production of aluminum alloys. Registration of the Framex trademark in Europe. Opening of a showroom in Kyiv.
A powder painting shop has been launched. Expansion of warehouse space.
Integration of the innovative profile system "Elegante", which was recognized as the best profile in 2019 and won the recognition of investors. Powder painting shop launched. Expansion of warehouse space
Launch of new production facilities for the production of ready-made translucent structures. Expansion of the car park.
Expansion of the capacity of the Framex PVC profile extrusion workshop - 13 extrusion lines are operating. Launch of equipment to increase production capacity in PVC and aluminum workshops. Company restructuring.
Expansion of production and restoration of premises.
The company moved to another region: Smela, Cherkasy region, on the basis of the former Orizon plant (territory 35 hectares, production buildings with a total area of 120 thousand m²). Start of production.
The Rosenheim laboratory conducted a study of PVC structures and received a test report.
Area - 5000 sq.m.
1000 designs per day.
The staff is more than 400 people. The company consists of a central office and 17 representative offices in the largest cities of Ukraine. The assortment consists of 10 thousand product names and 8 product groups.
Passed ISO 9001 certification. A workshop for smelting aluminum alloys and producing profiles was acquired.
Expansion of the production of aluminum profiles. Launch of the second press using high precision cops tools. The beginning of marketing research for the export of products to European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, etc.)
Awards from independent rating agencies for high quality products, received annually
The company works with the Ukrainian profile "Framex", the quality of which has been confirmed by international and domestic experts. Extrusion workshop started production of aluminum profiles
A new Framex PVC profile extrusion workshop was built.
Launch of equipment for the production of PVC products from Elumatec with a capacity of 120 structures per shift. A line for the production of double-glazed windows from Lisec was launched with a capacity of 400 double-glazed windows per shift.
Start of production of facade constuctions
Acquisition of the first production site. Launched the production of PVC extrusion panels
Growth in production of metal-plastic windows.
A workshop for painting Framex aluminum profiles and a workshop for the production of double-glazed windows were launched.
The history of the company began with a small workshop for the production of PVC windows, at that moment one of the first in eastern Ukraine.

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